I'm looking to help my readers one stylish tip at a time. Banish the phrase, "I have nothing to wear!" 
Of the topics below, what are you most interested in learning about? Please explain, in detail, what interests you (or not) about each topic. I am here to help!

Stop over-shopping, re-style what you got. By adding just a few key items, you can re-style what you already own into tons of new and fun looks perfect for your body type, budget and lifestyle.

Become an expert on your own body type. Explore what items flatter YOU. Buy the right staples and trendy pieces to build your perfect wardrobe.

Own less, style more. Create the perfect 30 piece capsule collection. This is defined as a small wardrobe that can be re-styled a ton of different ways.

Buy what you need. Use what you have. Learn expert tips to clean and organize your current wardrobe. Create a specific shopping list based on your specific wardrobe needs.  Love your current closet and stop buying unnecessary things that you will never wear.

How to shop online. Learn how to find and buy the right items for your body type and budget that you will actually wear.

Define your style. Determine your personal look by understanding how your personality, body type, budget and lifestyle create your individual style. Create a new and improved (fashionable) you.

Look like a million bucks without spending it. Not everyone can shop at Bergdorf's, but everyone can look like they did with the right expert advice!

Now I would love to know a little bit about you!

If you had a stylish fairy godmother what would you ask her? Dream BIG, there is no such thing as a crazy question. Please also include your email, I would love the chance to follow up with you.

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